Telegram Channel Posts Article On Freemasons From Taliban’s ‘Shariat’ Magazine

On Telegram, a channel called Ansar Taliban (“Aiders Of The Taliban”) has posted a translated article from the January 2018 issue of the Urdu monthly magazine “Shariat,” which is published by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban organization). The article, written by Zulkalam, is given below:

“It Is The Aqeedah [Belief] Of The Jews That There Shall Only Be Their Rule Upon The World”

“The wretched Jews opposed the anbiya [prophets]… of Allah… and belied their teachings, martyred them, tried to kill Hazrat Eesa [Jesus]… on the Cross, continued delivering pains to the Prophet Muhammad (his) whole life (and) continued to break agreements. This is the reason the Prophet said:’… Expel the Jews and Christians from the Arabian Peninsula.’

“It is the aqeedah [belief] of the Jews that there shall only be their rule upon the world. This is why the State of Israel never accepted a non-Jewish state [of Palestine]. Evil is filled in the nature of the Jews. The warp and woof of fire and blood in the whole world match with the agents of the Jews. For this objective, the Jews have made organizations – the introduction, methodology, organizational structure and history – of which the workers and agents of these very organizations themselves don’t even be acquainted with.

“Their works are extremely secretive and hidden. This is the biggest guarantee of their success. Such organizations are in their hundreds… Here, at present, we (will) make mention of one organization which… [occupies] the status of a mother for all of these organizations. The name of this organization is ‘Freemason(ry).’ Freemason(ry) is a purely Jewish and completely concealed organization the branches of which are present in approximately all countries.

“The objective of this organization is [regarding] the standing of the Israeli state in Palestine and by occupying the economy and trade worldwide, to bring the world under subjugation of the Jews. They do not pay regard to any code of morality or any law of the world for the attainment of these objectives. For them (nor) is the United Nations’ Human Rights Charter an authority and nor are the sayings of Hazrat Musa [Moses] regarding the respect of humanity acceptable. They complete the objectives of mischief-making, disturbance… and carnage in every case.”

“This Organization Is Working On Spreading Destructive Schemes Like Religious Hate And Sectarian Bigotry In Islamic Countries Worldwide”

“This organization was established in 1771 in Britain and from then until now its Head Office is in Britain. In order to become a member of this organization, there is a condition of being more than twenty years of age. Externally, this organization works for social contacts, welfare works, hospitals, for the standing of educational institutes for orphans and the poor. However, secretly its objectives are as aforementioned. By controlling the high and powerful classes worldwide, this organization obtains influence on them so that through them there be ease in accessing the public… This organization is working on spreading destructive schemes like religious hate and sectarian bigotry in Islamic countries worldwide.

“From the commencement of the twenty-first century, the tumult which has occurred in Muslim countries and as much massacre (which) has happened in the name of religion and sect – this is all the working of this very organization. Its work is extremely concealed and is not felt. High official authorities such as the president, prime minister, ministers, tribal chiefs and religious leaders are its special targets [i.e. agents]. The roots of this organization are so strong that if (it) wants to destroy some system in any country worldwide, then (it) can easily make (it) fall too. Mostly those highly educated ones [i.e. Muslims] whom obtained education in European countries and who do not have any concern with Iman [faith], Aqeedah [belief] and A’mal [deed], etc. can become a target of this organization easily.

“It is needed that all Islamic countries worldwide establish one bloc in which all Islamic countries be represented without distinguishing… [Islamic] sects. By means of a lot of care and intellect, let them throw out these kinds of pawns from their ranks. Then the implementation of an organized Islamic system can be possible; otherwise a government (with an) Islamic system will remain a dream.”

Source:, April 4, 2018.

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Telegram Channel Posts Article On Freemasons From Taliban’s ‘Shariat’ Magazine

On Telegram, a channel called Ansar Taliban ("Aiders Of The Taliban") has posted a translated article from the January 2018 issue of the Urdu monthly magazine "Shariat," which is published

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